DAVCAD offer the following services to our clients:-

Paper drawing conversion to CAD.

2D CAD Drawings to customer requirements including:- 

3D Modelling including full rendering capabilities

3D Printing using HP Designjet 3D Colour Printer and Formlabs Form 2 and Form 3 SLA printer

3D Scanning using Rangevision and 3D3 Structured Light Scanners

Software used:-

We can supply or receive files in a wide range of formats and the final drawings can be supplied on paper, CD-ROM, DVD, emailed directly to the customer or downloaded directly from the Cloud. We can also supply appropriate free 2D/3D viewing software.

We will always be happy to accommodate customers in their requirements. If the service is not displayed we may still be able to help, therefore please call to discuss your requirements.

Out of normal office hours service is also available 7 days a week.